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The innovative project "Illusions" by Simona Tagliaferri brings on stage in Deutsche Bank a new way of experiencing art and in particular the beauty of precious metals, minerals, fabrics and leather. The jewels will be worn, lived, presented to convey the true values that accompanied the creation of each work, the passion and inspiration of the artist, the transversal nature of design, the meeting of creativity, the skilful use of construction techniques and secret potential of metals, minerals, fabrics and leather. The exhibition organized by Contemporary Concept will be curated by Alessia Marchi.

Faithful to its mission inaugurated at the end of the 1970s with the founding of Deutsche Bank Art Collection, as an expression of a commitment to art and culture that has been part of its values ever since, the German bank has chosen, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world's longest-running contemporary art fair, the unique project by designer Simona Tagliaferri that questions the very values for which, in a certain sense, banking institutions were born: uniqueness, luxury, exclusivity, the precious object and its most fearsome opposite, the fake. Illusioni is a project by Simona Tagliaferri, born from the second step of her professional life, the one "from provocation to awareness", a reflection by the designer on the world, on deception as part of reality, where the concepts of value and truth are like a refraction of a multi-faceted prism, through which light is sent back and amplified but with as many false "illusions". "An obliged reflection" explains the author "by the fact that I felt crushed by the false, by how it was permeating the world. At that time I was working for a jewellery company, experimenting with steel and other materials that had never come into contact with jewellery, was to go off the rails and reformulate the concept of jewellery. My experience in the field and the feeling I had gave birth to this project".

In that period Illusions was born whose common denominator is the experimentation Simona Tagliaferri uses to deepen the concept of aestheticism, as well as beauty and matter.

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