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Keith Haring: Party of life Bologna

60 years after his birth, Bologna celebrates Keith Haring (1958-1990), one of the most loved contemporary artists by the general public. From January 30 to February 25, 2018, several works by the American artist from prestigious public and private collections will be on display at the Pinacoteca Nazionale in Bologna.

The exhibition, entitled "Party of Life", organized by Contemporary Concept, aims to spread knowledge about the life and work of Keith Haring, inviting a collective reflection inspired by his social message and to commemorate the profoundly innovative value of the work of this American artist who has left his mark all over the world. Incredibly prolific, Keith Haring, in just 30 years, has created a vast body of images and has pioneered the world of Street Art, with its expressive power, in the Contemporary Art circuit, in galleries and museums. Keith Haring first attracted the attention of the general public by drawing with chalk on the billboards of the New York subway and the easy accessibility to his visual alphabet and the positive message of universal love have been a winning choice, for the spread of his fame, in the long run.

Through his new, highly iconic language, Keith Haring has communicated his vision of reality to the world, traveling, putting his creativity at the service of the social, creating works of enormous impact and international resonance. To animate the exhibition Party of Life there will be numerous events and collaborations: performances and flash mobs in homage to the artist, workshops and guided tours.

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