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Art Resistance Kit: The new project of That’s Contemporary

of Veronica Grazioli by exibart.


That's Contemporary elaborates a new virtual project on Instagram: Art Resistance kit to reflect and act. But also to fail


Art Resistance Kit, That's Contemporary


The non-profit cultural organization That's Contemporary presents Art Resistance kit, a new virtual project on Instagram: a survival kit to reflect, act, but also fail (legitimate in these hard times)..

Break in case of reflection

The cultural organization That's Contemporary, which has been active on Milanese soil since 2011, has created a new and inclusive project in progress, Art Resistance Kit. The Art Resistance Kit is an exhibition format that is created by artists, curators, journalists and cultural operators invited to create a package of "inner resistance".


The idea of That's Contemporary was born from the desire to imagine a solution to the cloister we are living, but a functional solution to the reflection and action indispensable in the present, in the wake of a "Conversation with Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, during which Hans Ulbrich Obrist created "Do it", an exhibition on going, in which several artists gave instructions that, from time to time, were interpreted and applied by the public", as we read on the Instagram page, where the kit is published and made accessible to all.

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Careful, though. That's Contemporary knows how complex it can be to reflect in a moment of pressure like the one we're experiencing, which is why failure is allowed, which must also be valued. "Not always what can be is the right way, but every element is part of an experiential and knowledge process".

How do you create a Art Resistance Kit ?

Art Resistance Kit is built to meet inner and biological needs, based on the fundamental needs for the existence of the human being: nourishment, shelter (in the sense of shelter), care, position/orientation (position of the body in space), protection (in the sense of preservation of one's own body), interaction (with the Other).


It is necessary to start with the following questions: "What provides you with nourishment? Care? Shelter? Protection? How do you define your position in space? How do you interact with each other?".

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Art Resistance Kit |Patrick Tuttofuoco | Credits Protection: Patrick Tuttofuoco and THAT'S CONTEMPORARY


The kit consists of a series of images, videos, texts, drawings and/or audio, to be realized in the time limit of one week. "All of them have been given from one to seven days of time, thus exasperating the present temporality and linking it to the pre-isolation rhythms". That's Contemporary, every day, at 5pm, updates the Instagram page with new and interesting contents.

Here are some kits: that of the curator Giacinto di Pietrantonio and the artists Sophie Ko, Vanessa Alessi, Aldo Giannotti and Patrick Tuttofuoco.

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