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Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash al secolo thierry guetta, a French street artist born in 1966, pseudonym used in the movie "Exit through the gift shop", directed by Banksy, one of the most important street artists in the world.
He approached the world of "writers" thanks to his cousin invader, who was already a successful street artist. Drawing on the various leading figures of this movement, Mr Brainwash soon became one of the most recognized street icons of the moment, thanks to his works taken from images in the public domain then modified by experimenting with the most diverse artistic techniques.
His first solo exhibition in los angeles in 2008: "Life is beautiful" where he sold out. The following year he created one of his most important works, the famous cover of madonna's music album "Celebration", which has become an icon all over the world. his works represent always positive messages, joyful but with a right dose of irony and provocation.
Mr. Brainwash to date represents one of the best investments in contemporary art, reported by the art market as one of the most promising artists of this century.

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