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Samantha Stella, born in Genoa, works and lives in Milan, Italy. Visual artist, performer, set & costume designer, filmmaker, singer, musician. She works on projects mainly focused on body and live art based practice, through the use of different languages, installations containing structural and bodily elements, photo, video, music, voice.


In 2005 she founded with Sergio Frazzingaro the visual artist duo called Corpicrudi (literally "rawbodies"), active until 2015. Besides many solo shows, the duo collaborated with artists, composers, fashion designers, choreographers and international networks. Among their  main works, Lux Aeterna (2007), curated by Luca Beatrice, photographic series  dedicated to the16th century Vanitas, in collaboration with fashion  designer Alessandro De  Benedetti  and composer Clint  Mansell,  then transposed into an installation for the contemporary dance show Primo Toccare by Balletto Teatro di Torino, featured in international  theaters. Aeternitas (2009-2010), is a wide project inspired by the Goddess of Eternity, born in collaboration with Contemporary Concept in Bologna, and then presented in differect  sections, included the one  at  Castello Aragonese in Taranto, home  of  the  Italian Navy, for Intramoenia, scientific direction  by  Achille Bonito Oliva and curated  by  Giusy Caroppo. Le Vergini (2011) is a project conceived as  a photographic show,  an  art book with texts  by Claudia Attimonelli and a contemporary dance show (BTT). Sinfonia in Nero (2014), is an installation inspired by the thin balance between life and death, with music by Chopin, then presented also as  a performance in theaters.

In 2015 she started a solo career as visual artist and a collaboration with songwriter Nero Kane. They performed many times at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles and are featuring music concerts together. Sinfonia in Rosso, (performance, 2015) and God Loves You (solo show, 2017), were curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti. Her film Love In A Dying World (2018), shot in the desert landscapes of California, premiered in Los Angeles and in several Italian museums. 


Her work was featured in contemporary art galleries, museums, theaters, churches and castles, with international premières.

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