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Robert Gligorov

Robert Gligorov is a Macedonian artist who lives and works in Milan. Artist of undisputed creative ability, he creates mysterious, dissonant and somewhat unreal and provocative installations. The result always tries to generate shock in the visitor, creating a sensationalistic short circuit between real and imaginary, wanting to shock or even disturb. His works characterized by moments of sweetness and harmony push the observer to a hard reflection on the existence of man, characterized by a common suffering.


makes use of video, photography, installations and painting bending them to the needs of a research that always challenges itself with the limits and ambiguities of the representation, and through these instruments he performs a systematic and meticulous survey on the relationship between image and artifice and on the cultural impact and the power that iconography produces on human conscience.


He held various personal exhibitions in the main European capitals like Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan,Rome and Venice. His works are displayed in the major public and private collections. After a long study on drawing and painting, Gligorov has reached the conclusion that for him an ideal medium doesn’t exist. His two fundamental points are: firstly, that the work doesn’t look like an artwork (understood in the traditional sense) and secondly, the most important issue is not to have a signature style and not to recognise his works by an obsessive repetition of a module, but style has to be the strenght and the penetrative efficacy of the single work, being disconnected from whichever of its past or future productions.

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