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Massimo Festi

The artist and actor Massimo Festi focuses his work on the mask and on the theme of identity and being "other". The mask for Massimo Festi represents the fetish of the ambiguity of a different identity. Massimo Festi's mutant icons represent the ambivalence of human nature and the problems of our society, touching on themes such as fetishism or social unease. Every human being knows his secret truth but not that of others, and he invents a stereotyped script to adapt to a world based on lies and anti-heroic survival strategies.
Massimo Festi, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with the theorist of mutations related to visual languages Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM). is a multidisciplinary artist, develops a research focused on the individual and identity through a plurality of media: photography, video and performance.

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