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Domenico Pellegrino

Domenico Pellegrino is a Sicilian painter and set designer, who measures himself over time with brushes, canvases, acrylics, clay and clay. Domenico's art is, at times, ironic and dreamlike. His creations aim to investigate the means and forms with which the contemporary artist draws inspiration from the ancient, thus creating a bridge between the centuries, helping to bring together the symbols of the past in order to renegotiate their meaning and enhance their testimony. His figurative themes interpret elements of contemporaneity; they belong to a figurative consciousness that goes back to the beginning of time. Influences between ancient legends and cults merge and blend into a new image, in which the various techniques are united by the mastery of the artist. Like his superheroes, made according to craft techniques handed down from generation to generation, the polychrome structures - almost classical in intention, despite the theme so popular and playful - follow certain accents typical of Sicily, certain character or cultural connotations pertaining to the territory of reference. In the iconographic details, in the decorative grafts, in some specially exasperated or revised features, Pellegrino's superheroes become warriors or saviors of a real present full of dangers and pitfalls: an ironic up-to-date transposition of that world of paper, plastic or celluloid from which our heroes were born.

The artist continues his personal search for a balance between tradition and innovation with the collection lumi combining light and in particular on the embroidery, comes out a recovery of those everyday and everyday objects as it happens with superheroes, a path already occurred between pop and folk. Pellegrino has created a collection of objects embellished with rows of light bulbs and colorful volutes. His works have become icons, recognized and recognizable, becoming symbols of a pop style that has contaminated other artists. Sicily, from the Lumi collection and the Mediterranean cosmogony project have drawn a clear line between the young artist and the recognized artist, with his language and identity.

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