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Banksy is an English artist and writer, considered one of the most famous street-artist in the world, whose true identity (Banksy is actually a pseudonym) is still unknown. His works are often satirical in nature and cover topics such as politics, culture and ethics. His activities as a political activist and director are also well known. Banksy's street art is satirical and subversive in nature. Thanks to his works, created with the stencil technique, he has been able to bring the general public closer to the world of contemporary art thanks to the immediacy of the messages present in his works. The anonymity of the artist Banksy contributed to the creation of the myth linked to his image.
In 2010 Banksy also produced a documentary, Exit through the gift shop, in which he always appears with a darkened face and a fake voice while telling the story of Thierry Guetta, a Frenchman who turns into the very famous street artist known as Mr. Brainwash. The success of the film directed by Banksy which sees Mr Brainwash as the protagonist of the narrative has made many people imagine that Mr Brainwash himself is Banksy. Other voices speculate that Banksy is Robert from Massive Attack. In coincidence with the release of the documentary in America, the artist began to cover the main American cities with his works, which deal with challenging themes but do so through concrete and immediately understandable images.
Famous, however, inserting absolutely anachronistic details. Banksy has become an icon of popular culture and is an artist much sought after by the art market and his value will continue to grow: his works are worth millions of euros, when only a few years ago the artist gave his drawings in a stall for a few tens of dollars.

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