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Mr. Savethewall

Mr. Savethewall is a multifaceted Italian artist who is increasingly gaining a foothold in the art scene, through the use of languages from street art and communication, from the latest trends in contemporary art. His works represent an interpretation of today's society in an ironic and critical key, as the pseudonym chosen reveals, Mr. Savethewall does not work on walls...permanently!
Precisely in order to safeguard urban decoration, he uses adhesive tape, easily removable, as an alternative support for his colourful works, and also uses recyclable and simple materials, such as cardboard.  His works present strong, direct and targeted messages. A slight irony towards contemporary society allows him to draw inspiration from personalities from the world of culture, cinema and art history; but his works also recall the religious and political sphere. Regardless of the medium chosen, his works present strong, direct and targeted messages. In order to make his messages even more immediate, Mr. Savethewall often adds verbal messages to the iconographic register.
Famous throughout the world is the depiction of contemporary man in the guise of a frog, who, contrary to what the fable teaches us, turns from prince to toad. The work is kiss me, which has become one of his best known and iconographic works.

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