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Silvia Camporesi

Silvia Camporesi graduated in philosophy, lives and works in Forlì.  

Through the languages of photography and video and often using self-representation, she constructs stories inspired by myth, literature, religions and real life. His research moves along a thin line between imagination and reality, between waking and dreaming, in contexts where the subject is always in a relationship of dialogue with the natural element and tense towards the attempt to transcend the limits of body and mind. Since 2000 he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2007 he won the Celeste prize for photography; he was among the finalists of the Talent Prize in 2009 and the Terna Prize in 2010.


In the fall of 2011 he took part in an artist residency in Quebec, at Cambrì Blanche and created for Photographica FineArt Gallery the project "La Terza Venezia", realized with the intent to work on the real and unreal of the lagoon city, the result is a series of images that explores places through the filter of imagination, dreams and legends handed down.


In 2013, again for Photographica FineArt, he created a new project "Journey to Armenia", the starting point being the trip to Armenia made by the Russian writer Osip Mandel'stam in 1930.


Silvia Camporesi thus retraces the traces of that journey in search of the sacred places, atmospheres and landscapes that fascinated the Russian writer. In the same year she starts a new project, "Atlas Italiae", which will take her around Italy for over two years, creating in this way an atlas of unpublished glances that contains the many meanings of a wider artistic and anthropological reflection on the identity of Italy in a historical moment of failures and declines, rethinking desires and change.
The incredible ghostly places that can be discovered by looking at the images of the project, tell us about an Italy that resists and survives itself despite the apparent stasis of the present, of the silent and invisible action of time that replaces man, shaping things of a different beauty, unthinkable in the time of digital reality.

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