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Obey to the century Shepard Fairey, his name went around the world in 2008 thanks to the election poster in favor of Barack Obama, which appeared on the walls all over America simply announcing hope, hope. From that moment on, the 40-year-old, from long street art experiences, has earned his place on the international art scene.
The comparisons are wasted, one on all, the one with Andy Warhol to which he has several factors in common: the concept of repetition that is repeated in the screen-printed artist multiples, meanwhile, but also the need to multiply its presence in various economic and media sectors. Together with Banksy, obey is undoubtedly the best known figure in urban art, and how the British artist manages to attract fans and detractors of his work in equal measure. Now firmly established in the gallery circuit, the subject of numerous important public museum acquisitions, he continues to make people talk about him, to invest his proceeds in new artistic and charitable initiatives and to be a leading figure of the American counterculture, probably the only one to end up in jail in the same year in which he receives public thanks from the president of the United States. Certainly a man capable of bringing out the most obvious contradictions of the "system".

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