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Eleonora Rossi

Eleonora Rossi is an artist from Milan, after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, exhibits in the most important galleries in Italy in Europe and Africa. Most of all the subjects of her works are  “border line”: kids, dogs, places, women and herself that she consider one of them. The borders between a fragile identity and the aggressiveness that often is a mask;  the only opportunity to be part of the society like a passport, or a language.  Otherwise they could succumb. This is why she started to travel and watch by her eyes the same situation over the world. Especially in the African townships or in the European suburbs. And then translate by paint and installations.

The artist's research, for a long time attentive to the dramatic phenomena that accompany the flow of contemporary existence, is structured with a series of works that stage catastrophic situations.

The periphery of the cities becomes the scenario for such elaborations. In these compositions, in which it is possible to recognize a reference to the settings of "La Strada" by Cormac McCarthy, the reference to humanity is almost completely banished. There remain flashes of relevance to fire and light, two phenomena that have always guided the path of man since ancient times. So, although in post-human settings, hopes for the future are exemplified.

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