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Gian Luca Beccari

Multidisciplinary artist.

Master degree with honor in sculpture at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna he studied the relationship between body and mass media communication, he completed his school education at the Faculty of Art, Media and Design in Bristol.


He has written and directed performances and video installations, in 1999 he started the project "Argilla" with what it is probably the first flash mob of ever in Italy at the Venice Biennale. Actions, photography, video, music, theatrical performance, video installation, everything is useful to express the creativity. In 2001 he designed and produced "Link 02" an interactive video installations and in 2004 the theatrical performace "Res", a performance about the reification of the body in the mass media society, exploring the aesthetic of connectivity.


Between 2003 and 2006 he lived in Milan, collaborating with Studio Azzurro on many interactive museum and theater video scenography, afterwards with the National Institute of Nuclear Fisique of Rome and the National Research Council of Genoa to create interactive video installations for institutional exhibitions.


Thanks to the collaboration with the italian singer and composer Luisa Cottifogli he presented music/video performance at: Teatro Ponchielli Cremona, Festival of Literature Mantova, PAC (Pavilion of Contemporary Art) in Milan, the multimedia show "Cohors" at Ravenna Festival and the videoclip "Redemption Song".


His most famous work Mutation, finalist at the Celeste International Prize has been part of the group exhibition Video Sicilia (2009) at Palazzo Platamone (Catania) together with Bill Viola, Mat Collishaw, Santiago Sierra, Peter Fishli & David Weisse. "Mutation Decalogue" is also part of the Videoinsight Collection, one of the most important collections of video art in Europe.

His latest work "King Midas" is a short film based on an ancient Greek legend mentioned in the Birth of Tragedy by F. Netzsche, the result is an eccentric transposition suspended in a metaphisical atmosphere.

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