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Born in Milano 1976. Lives and works between Milano and La Spezia. Education: Brera Art Academy – Milan


She studied at the Brera Academy of Art and started to work in Milan with some group and solo exhibitions. At the moment she exhibit in Italy, Europe and Africa. Most of all the subjects of her works are  “border line”: kids, dogs, places, women and herself that she consider one of them. The borders between a fragile identity and the aggressiveness that often is a mask;  the only opportunity to be part of the society like a passport, or a language.  Otherwise they could succumb. This is why she started to travel and watch by her eyes the same situation over the world. Especially in the African townships or in the European suburbs. And then translate by paint and installations.

Eleonora Rossi

Solo and group exhibitions:


Il supplizio dell’identità – Galleria Artsinergy - Bologna

Scope Art Fair – Louise Alexander Gallery - Miami

The Morning After – Galleria Obraz - Milano

Contemporary Art – Collettive Exhibition – Louise Alexander Gallery Porto Cervo (SS) byi Frederic Arnal

Lo Stato dell’Arte - Galleria Obraz – Milan

ZooArt – Giardini Fresia – Cuneo - byi Michela Giuggia, Domenico Oliviero, Paolo Sasia

Roads – Louise Alexander Gallery – Porto Cervo (SS) (by Stefano Taddei)

Art Shanghai 2008 Shanghai (China) – Louise Alexander Gallery
Miart 2008 – Milano- Obraz Gallery

Artour-o  Florence (Italy) – Louise Alexander Gallery

 “3x6” Collettive Exhibition bGallery Rome (by Loris Di Falco)

Book:  “Laboratorio Italia” by Ivan Quaroni  www.johan&levi.com

•2007 “Infante” Collettive Exhibition Chiostro di S. Lorenzo, in S. Maria dei Servi, Lucca (by Laura Mare, City of  Lucca, Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation for Amnesty International)

Collettiva - Louise Alexander Gallery – Porto Cervo

“Allarmi3 – Nuovo Contingente” Collettive Exhibition Caserma De Cristoforis Como (by  Ivan Quaroni)

“Art4Aid” Contemporary Art Auction for  Unicef. Sotheby’s Amsterdam

Sarajevo Winter Festival 2007 (by Cairo Biennal and Alessandia of Egitto)

“Oblio” Joao Ferriera Gallery – Cape Town, South Africa – Solo Exhibition (realized with found win with  the Movin’up Prize 2007 for Italian artist.) - “Deriva” Solo Exhibition Special Projects, Galleria Artra Milano -

•2006 “Celeste Prize” – San Giminiano (SI) (byComune di San Giminiano by Ivan Quaroni)

 “Musae-Museo Urbano di Arte Sperimentale Emergente” – Prize edition 2006 Casale Monferrato (byComune di Casale Monferrato e della Provincia di Alessandria)

“Emergenze 4” Collettive exhibition, Palazzo Vinciguerra-Rocchetta Vara Sp, Museo Etnografico-Ortonovo Sp, Palazzo di Porta Castello e Palazzo Botti-Bolano Sp (by Provincia della Spezia e della Regione Liguria, by di Enrico Formica).

“Come pecore tra i lupi” – Chiostro di San Francesco, Sarzana (SP) (by City of Sarzana, by Enrico Formica)

“Mantero Prize for contemporary art  2006” – Como (by Roberto Borghi e Paloma Martìn Llopis)

“Eleonora Rossi Artworks” – Joao Ferriera Gallery – Cape Town, South Africa

“Identità sospese” – Galleria 911 – La Spezia (by Elisabetta Rota)

“Al Caro Giorgio.Omaggio a Giorgio Gaber” (by Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi- Milano)

•2005“Flash Art Show”  - Galleria Artra – Milano

“Kamikaze” – Galleria Artra – Genova

“Eleonora Rossi Opere 2005” – Ubs – Lugano(CH)

•2004“3x3” – Galleria d’Arte Patrizio Patelli Foundation – Locarno (CH) (by Stefano Crespi)

“BTTB” - Galleria Obraz – Milano (by Ivan Quaroni, Stefano Castelli, Norma Mangione)

•2003“Lo stato dell’arte nel 2003” - Galleria Obraz – Milano (by Eugenia Marrone)

•2002“Un anno di Obraz” - Galleria Obraz – Milano

•2001“Il rumore dell’oro” – Galleria Obraz – Milano(by Paolo Manazza and Mimmo DiMarzio)

 “Ritorno all'immagine” – Cultural Center Bertold Brecht – Milano

•1998“Libro d’artista” – Galleria d’Arte Porta Segreta – Calcata (VT)

•1997“XXXI National Prize of Painting” – Milano