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D I S – M E S S O

Five of them are watching the end!

Five photographers for a single theme: the end. Their shots stop time on that moment when everything comes to an end. They portray the end of a place, an object, people, a state of mind, to reflect on the signs of what remains after. Can it be called the end? Or rather is it a suspension, a pause until the next use? The Bolognese Claudio Alba, on the monumental cemeteries, Norma Gombok, with inanimate little theatres in places where people have really lived, Cristiano Antognotti's former places like a former psychiatric hospital, and the Milanese triptychs of the Collective Seventy-one64 (Marco Casiraghi and Elisa Mercadante) who since 2012 have been producing a common and intimate photographic research, without any documentary ambition, in which the city becomes a representation of the human being untied from its own geographical references, a place of the soul. erso monumental cemeteries, but also to former places such as a former psychiatric hospital. Spaces that are mostly abandoned but still have many stories to tell. Dis - Messo.

In five watch finish (this is the name of the exhibition) is curated by Alessia Marchi, promoted by Opera Sublime and Decadence and organized by Contemporary Concept.

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