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Musa POP

In Art, but perhaps also in life, irony is a very serious activity, which can only be carried out by intelligent and cultured people. There are artists who have an innate taste for play, provocation, presenting works with which apparently one doesn't take oneself too seriously, but which often hide deeper messages, which only need to be revealed. The secret, is always to never stop at appearances, but to know more deeply in order to understand, and then you can also grasp the ironic aspect of things, of life and Art. One must have time to read, listen, observe, reflect, understand... and then smile. On the occasion of the fifth edition of Bologna Design Week, Contemporary Concept, will create an installation with 30 works by contemporary artist Domenico Pellegrino with his life-size Bananas, made with resin and marble dust and decorated by hand. Domenico Pellegrino's bananas are loaded with its ambiguous meaning.

The choice of decorating it with the iconic symbols of the traditional Sicilian carts for the artist is a strong reference to the tradition of the Sicilian people, to their strong and ancestral vocation to welcome, to the patronal feasts which, although sometimes linked to religious events, have always been characterized by pagan elements uniting everyone in a parade, in a street party full of colors. The banana, Pellegrino continues, is like a passpartout that opens the mind from all stereotypes. .... It's my way to lighten the tensions and prejudices that are often created in today's world with respect to one's life choices, a way to tell everyone to choose their own banana!.... The banana, in the cultural world, is an icon borrowed from artists from all over the world, and has been the bearer of different messages but always linked by a single thread: provoke to reflect, as for example Andy Warhol, master in identifying symbols of the society of mass consumption, and in recognizing them, we also recognize ourselves, identifying an immediately familiar subject, including the "banana" used by Andy Warhol in 1967 that became the cover of the record The Velvet Underground and Nico, today is a pop icon.

Musa Pop was born with the aim to inform in an ironic and provocative way about the problems of the banana trade and the exploitation of the production territories of this fruit, which in many ways, is synonymous of globalization. The banana becomes a symbol of awareness and culture. In Domenico Pellegrino's ambitious banana project there is an emotional charge, a precise desire of the artist to arouse an emotion, whose priority is to infuse a specific message. Desecrating, provocative, but at the same time ironic and never vulgar.

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